Medication Policy
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Qualified health care providers are on site at all times. If your child has special medical needs that you would like to discuss with our medical staff, please contact the Camp Office prior to opening day.

The JCC Camp of Staten Island, in keeping with NY State regulations, has established the following policies and procedures regarding the administration of medication during the camp day.

Medications shall include all over the counter (non-prescription) medications as well as medications available only by prescription. All medications will be kept in the camp nursing office. No medications are to be kept or administered by campers or counselors.

Exceptions are campers who are approved for self-administration by our nursing staff and your physician.

Each medication must be properly labeled. Pharmacy labels are required for all prescriptions. You can request your pharmacist to place each prescription medication into two (2) labeled containers: one for the camp nurse and one for home use. Over the counter medication must be sent in the original container with the camper’s name written on it.

Medications are to be turned into the camp nursing staff along with the Medication Permission Authorization forms. The forms must be completed and must include signatures by both parent/guardian and physician as well as a physician’s stamp. Medications will not be administered without a completed form.

All medications and Medication Permission Authorization forms (except medications for late stays and overnights) are to be turned in prior to the beginning of camp. Medications and forms are to be handed in together. Neither medications nor forms will be accepted separately.

ACA-logoThe JCC/Lillian Schwartz Day Camp is accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA)



What does this mean?

  • The JCC/Lillian Schwartz Day Camp has passed a rigorous review of its operations including standards  such as emergency management, first aid and health care, staff training and development, programming and staff to camper ratios.
  • Reviewers included experts from the American Camping Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Red Cross and other youth serving agencies.
  • Camp families can be assured that their camp of choice is committed to providing their children with a safe and nurturing environment.
    For more information about the American Camping Association, you can visit their website at