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Ages: Teens entering grade 10.
8 week program: Monday, July 3 – Friday, August 25
Camp Director:  Lisa Quinn
(Upon completion of a successful season, each CIT will receive a $50 honorarium)

CIT II/Camp Gesher is the ideal camp for the teen interested in making a difference in the life of a child. Teens spend the summer at the JCC camp getting on the job training and experience working with children. CIT’s learn the basic information on youth relationship skills, child development and the techniques for leading activities. CIT’s also go on great trips to places such as Great Adventure, Camel Beach, Dorney Park, and a two day/one night overnight.

CIT’s are required to attend training and orientation sessions prior to and during the camp season.

*Teens entering grade 10 have an option of attending CIT I or CIT II.

Unit Director:  Lisa Quinn