Camp Manual
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The 2019 Camp Manual will be available in Spring 2019. 


We recognize the role that camp plays in a child’s development and work tirelessly to make your child’s experience at JCC camp a rich and rewarding one.  We are dedicated to making each camp day a new and wondrous one and a place where your child will develop lasting friendships and life-long memories.

Thank you for joining us this summer.

On regular camp days (no trip), your child should have a bag with the following:

  • A towel
  • 1-2 swim suits
  • Ziploc bag to hold wet bathing suits
  • Swimming cap (will be provided by camp on first or second day)
  • Extra articles of clothing depending on the age of your child
  • Sunscreen*
  • Bug spray (optional)
  • Water bottle**
  • Hat
  • Swim shoes (especially for K’Ton Ton campers)

Please label all items with your child’s name and camp division. 

*Sunscreen should be applied each morning before sending your child to camp.  K’Ton Ton and Shalom staff will be responsible for re-applying sunscreen to campers.  Children in other units should be responsible for their own application and will be encouraged by staff to do so.  Remember to check your child’s sunscreen and insect repellant regularly.  Counselors are prohibited from applying sunscreen and insect repellant that does not belong to your child.

**Campers should carry water bottles in their backpacks.  It is essential that campers drink water, especially in hot weather.  There is ample opportunity to refill water bottles during the day at the water fountains or coolers throughout the campsite.

Normal attire for the camp is shorts, a polo or t-shirt and sneakers.  Sandals and open-toed shoes should not be worn. It is wise to wear a hat or baseball cap to avoid heat problems on hot summer days.

With the exception of trip days, all campers swim daily.  If your child has swim first or second period, it’s beneficial to have your child wear a bathing suit under his/her clothes upon arrival.  This will save time in the morning.

On Fridays, your child should wear his/her special Friday celebration shirt.

An inevitable part of camp is children misplacing things.  We have a Lost and Found area located by the camp office and the directors go through it frequently.  Parents are also encouraged to check the LOST AND FOUND area to locate missing items.  Items of value such as video games, cellphone, Ipod, baseball cards, jewelry, etc. do not belong in camp and we are not responsible for them if they are misplaced, lost, stolen or broken.

You have the option of packing your child’s lunch or purchasing a Kosher lunch through the camp.  Information about the camp lunch program is enclosed in this packet.

On trip days please send your child with lunch as not all places have concessions to purchase food.

Please pack lunches in a brown bag with your child’s name, division, group number/letter on the lunch bag.  An insulated lunch box is not needed since lunches are collected first thing in the morning and refrigerated.  Please do not send glassware.

We will be offering catered lunch at camp this summer, in partnership with B & Y caterers. The daily cost for lunch is $7.00. Each kosher meal includes an entrée, side and drink.

Click here for the lunch order form!

The weekly menu is as follows:

Mondays: Square Pizza, Fruit & Cookies
Tuesdays: Hamburger, Tater-tots & Veggie
Wednesdays: Tukey Sandwich, Potato Chips & Fruit
Thursdays: Chicken Nuggets, French Fries & Veggie
Fridays: Square Pizza, Fruit & Brownie

Please note the following:

  • All meals are served with a bottled water
  • Lunch program is not available on trip days
  • Lunches are served in individual packages
  • Substitutions are not available
  • We are unable to distribute refunds/credits to absent campers

If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Goodman at or 718.475.5285

Your child’s physician must examine your child and fill out the Physical Examination Form.  Please submit medical forms and emergency cards by May 31st. Any camper who signed up after that date MUST turn in their completed forms before they will be allowed in camp.  Children cannot participate in camp programs without this information, including a complete list of up to date vaccinations.  Please make certain to inform the camp directors about your child’s food or other allergies as well as any medical conditions that we should be aware of so that we can ensure a safe camp experience for your child.  This vital information will be shared with the camp nurse and your child’s Unit Directors and counselors, as appropriate.

If your child is sick in the morning, please do not send him/her to camp.  If, in the opinion of the camp medical professional, your child is not well enough to remain at camp, you will be called to take your child home.  If your child is at home with a fever, he/she should remain at home until their temperature is normal for 24 hours.

Our camp medical professional is present during regular camp hours and is available to address any medical issues that may arise.

In case of an emergency, you will be notified immediately.  If we cannot reach you we will notify your child’s physician.  Please make certain that the emergency numbers in your child’s file are up-to-date.

Head lice checks may be conducted when children begin camp.  If diagnosed with lice, a parent will be contacted and must pick up their child from camp.  This policy is to prevent spreading to other campers.  Parents will be notified if lice is found in his/her child’s camp group.  Campers who have lice must be treated and will be rechecked upon return to camp.   Campers must provide a note from their doctor that they are lice free.

Medication brought to camp by your child should be given to his/her Unit Director upon arrival at camp. It will then be transferred to the camp medical professional. Medication must be in its original container and directions must be marked on the bottle. A signed physician’s note must be brought with the medication detailing how and when it should be administered. If a change in medication is to occur, please notify us immediately. The camp medical professional will be in charge of storing and dispensing medication. Parents are responsible for picking up medication at the end of each camp session.

Campers may be dropped off between the hours of 8:00 – 8:45a.m. at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds(1131 Manor Road). All vehicles will enter through the main entrance of Henry Kaufmann Campgroundsclosest to the traffic light on Manor Road. There will be a separate lane on Manor Road for camp carpool families to enter into the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds (HKC) campsite. This lane, which will run along the edge of Manor Road (on the north side) will be created using traffic cones. The entrance to this JCC camp lane will be approximately 750 feet from the HKC entrance and will be prominently marked with signage.

Have your child sit in the BACK SEAT ONLY of your vehicle so that your child can exit the vehicle and be on the side closest to our staff (our staff will open the back door for you). If you must have your child sit in the front passenger seat, PLEASE DO NOT MOVE YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL YOUR CHILD HAS PASSED IN FRONT OF YOUR CAR. After your child/ren have exited the vehicle you will follow the other cars out of the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds where our staff will help you depart the drop-off area.

Please note that left turns out of the HKC parking lot are not permitted. All cars are required to make a right turn onto Manor Road upon exiting the HKC parking lot. For the safety of all do not make U-turns or speed on Manor Road. Please adhere to posted speed limits and if you need to make a U-turn do so in the JCC Bernikow building parking lot. ALL CAMPERS MUST BE DROPPED OFF BY 8:45am. At 8:45a.m.the drop-off area will be closed by staff to allow for the arrival of buses into the parking facility. This will ensure the safety of all campers – those who take private cars and those who take buses. If you come after 8:45a.m., please park your vehicle outside on Manor Road (parking will be difficult because camp staff and the teaching staff of Susan Wagner High School will be taking up the majority of the spaces) and walk your child to the JCC Camp Office in the parking lot of the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds. From there we will escort your child to his/her appropriate area.

In order to alleviate the heavy traffic , parents are strongly encouraged to arrive at the campgrounds
by 8:35am.

Cars line up in the Boy Scout Parking Lot which is directly across the street from the JCC Bernikow building parking lot, starting at 3:30pm. There will be JCC staff in the parking lot to facilitate the process. Once you are shown where to line-up by JCC staff you will be given an item to hand to the person at the front gate of Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds (Only parents with the item will be permitted to pick-up their children). This is to ensure that no one cuts the line thereby making things as fair as possible for our parents and campers. Please note that left turns are not permitted into the Boy Scouts parking lot.

At about 4:15pm cars (13 at a time) will be directed by JCC staff from the Boy Scouts parking lot to Henry Kaufmann campgrounds. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CARPOOL PASS HANGING FROM YOUR REAR VIEW MIRROR. Upon entering the Henry Kaufmann campgrounds parking lot you will be asked to return your item and give your camper’s name(s) to the JCC staff member who will call your child’s name on the PA system. Thereafter, you will move your vehicle up through the parking lot until you can’t go any further. At that time a JCC staff member will open the back door for your child, and after your child is seat belted, you will follow the vehicles out of Henry Kaufmann campgrounds exit way where our staff will help you depart the pick-up area. There are no left turns out of the parking lot.

If you are planning to have someone else other than a parent pick up your child, make sure they have a car pool pass and are listed on the authorized parent release form. In order to make for a smoother p.m. dismissal WE ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO ARRIVE AT 4:25pm Full Day K’ton Ton and Marvin’s campers and their siblings.

Parents or other authorized individuals will park their cars in the JCC Bernikow building parking lot at 1466 Manor Road. Once the buses pull in with the campers and they are safely escorted to a designated area in the Bernikow building you may walk into the build in g to pick up your child. Pickup time is approximately 3:45pm. You may be asked to show ID.

Cars will line up (parallel to the parked ca rs) o n Manor Road closest to the main entrance of the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds, near the traffic light on Manor Road. At approximately 1:00 pm the campgrounds gate will open and cars will be led into the parking lot where their children will be waiting f r them for pick-up.

We offer optional bus service to our camper families for an additional fee.

If you signed up for bussing a few days before camp starts you will receive a postcard indicating the bus number of your child’s bus. You will also receive a phone call informing you of the approximate time your child will be picked up each day. Throughout the camp season, bus pick-ups and drop-offs may fluctuate in time. This is due to new campers starting camp, construction or traffic delays.  The bus counselor will attempt to contact you in the event of a significant delay.  Please be patient if a bus is delayed getting to your stop.

At least one, but typically two, bus counselors are assigned to a bus.  Bus counselors take the campers’ attendance and ensure their safety throughout the trip. Once the bus arrives at camp the bus counselor escorts the children off the bus and to their counselors who are waiting to greet them.  If you have a change in your schedule for a day or extended period of time and your child uses the bus, please contact the camp office as soon as possible.  Also notify the Camp Unit Director and your child’s counselor.  Any deviation from normal transportation arrangements or special arrangements must be made at least one day in advance.

In most cases camp buses will provide door to door service.  At times, it is impossible for our large school buses to get down your street due to the fact that it may be a dead-end street or too narrow for the buses to make turns.  In these situations, we will attempt to pick-up your camper at the next closest street.  Campers should be ready for pick-up at designated times and places.

In the afternoon, buses depart from Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds (1131 Manor Road) at approximately 4:00pm.  Buses transporting K’ton Ton children typically depart at approximately 3:45pm.  Our buses will return your child to your front door or designated spot.  Please make sure you’re available when our JCC buses arrive.

Please take note: There is no bus transportation home on Late Dismissal Days.

With the exception of K’ton Ton campers, children go on at least one trip per week during weeks 2-7 of the camp season.

On trip days, your child must wear the JCC Camp T-shirt he/she will receive during the first week of camp.  Wearing the shirt is imperative on these days for easier identification of our campers.

Parents will receive an email the day before a trip with any additional items he/she may be required to bring, suggested spending money and dismissal time for the trip at least one day in advance of the trip. 

 On trip days, we recommend that you send your child with spending money for the trip. Spending money typically provides the camper with the opportunity to purchase food, drinks, and souvenirs.

Our suggested spending money amount for trips and other important trip information including additional items to bring and changes in dismissal time may be obtained in two ways.  An email will be sent to you a day before the trip with the above-mentioned information for the outing.  Alternatively, this same information may be obtained from the “Nuts and Bolts,” form which lists recommended spending money for each of the trips.  The ‘Nuts and Bolts” form will be mailed to you in June with your child’s camp calendar and may be downloaded on our camp website (  Remember, as much money as you give your child is usually as much as he or she will spend.

Camp Shalom and Camp Chalutz campers may give their counselors their money to hold.

The JCC Day Camp pays all admission fees for trips.

Pick-up for late trip dismissals (those after 4:00pm) generally will be held at the Bernikow JCC building, 1466 Manor Road.  Please park your car in a designated spot in the parking lot and walk to the front of the building where your child will be waiting.  It is essential that the area in the front of the building be kept “car” free to allow for our camp buses to safely drop off the children.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  Please note that there is no bus service during late dismissal trips.  Please arrange car pick-up on those days.

For the parent who needs to drop off the camper beginning at 7:15am, or who needs to pick-up the camper between 4:30-7:00pm, we offer an EXTENDED HOURS PROGRAM.  You may sign-up for either the morning or afternoon hours or both. There is an additional fee for this program.  See the registration form for prices.


The A.M. extended hours program meets at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds.  Campers will receive breakfast and enjoy games, playground, and other activities.


  • Shalom, Chalutz, Maccabiah, and Teen Travel campers

P.M. extended hours program meets at the Henry Kaufmann campgrounds.  P.M. activities include games, sports, arts and crafts, snacks and an opportunity to purchase food.  P.M. extended hours parents are required to park in the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds parking lot after 4:45pm.  An extended hours staff person will be waiting to greet you and will have your child brought to you.

  • K’Ton Ton campers

The K’Ton Ton extended hours program is held at the Bernikow JCC building.  P.M. extended hours parents should park their cars in the Bernikow JCC parking lot.  An extended hours staff person will be waiting to greet you at the entrance inside the JCC building and will have your child brought to you.

On rainy days, campers are to be dropped off between 8-8:45am at the Bernikow JCC located at 1466 Manor Road. All vehicles will enter through the rear parking lot entrance and follow the cones around to the front of the building. Please follow the same rules as for regular drop off which include having your children sit in the back seat and exit the car on the side of the building.

Campers will be dismissed from the Bernikow JCC. Vehicles will line up in the Boy Scouts parking Lot, similar to regular dismissal days. At 4:15pm vehicles will be led into the Bernikow JCC parking lot rear entrance. Cars will be directed to follow the cones to the front of the building at which point a staff person will escort your child to your car.

If it begins to rain during the camp day our buses will bring campers to the Bernikow JCC building at 1466 Manor Road. If it is still raining at the end of the day our buses will depart from the Bernikow JCC at approximately 4:00pm and we will follow the dismissal procedure noted above.

On a typical rainy day, campers spend part of the day at the JCC building participating in group games and doing activities with our camp specialists. Additionally, campers usually go on a local trip to the movies or bowling. Please note that K’Ton Ton campers do not go on trips on rainy days.

If the weather improves during the day we may dismiss from the campsite. Call the camp office for more information.

As a traditional camp, we offer a wide variety of activities for the campers.  A typical camp day includes twice daily swimming, a variety of specialist activities and frequent special events.  Campers follow a weekly schedule in which each camp day is divided into 35 minute activity periods.

Specialist activities include:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drum Circle
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Animal Discovery
  • Nature
  • Archery
  • Boating
  • Israeli culture

Diverse programming is an essential component of the JCC camp experience. The calendar includes weekly shows, special events and trips (except K’Ton Ton campers). Shows range from magicians and musical performers to Game shows and basketball performers. Special events include the camp carnival, an Independence Day celebration, Israel Day, a wacky water day, and our three day Olympiad, the Maccabi Games. Unit Directors supplement these shows and events with extra special daily activities ranging from building sand castles to creating fossils. These extra special daily activities may be found on our camp calendars.

Sample Schedule

Our swim program is under the direction of the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy.  Krayzelburg, an Olympic Gold Medalist, developed the program and thousands of children have learned to swim using his system.

Full day campers swim twice daily.  The first swim is an instructional swim led by American Red Cross certified lifeguards and the second one is a free swim.  After the first swim, campers change into their dry clothes.

Campers swim skills are evaluated at the start of camp and they are grouped by ability during instructional swim.  Each week they focus on specific skills and the campers are evaluated periodically to determine whether they are ready to move up to the next swimming level.  All campers are required to participate in instructional swim.

All campers receive a colored swim camp which represents the swim level they are assigned to.  It is the camper’s responsibility to bring the cap with him/her to camp every day.  Campers receive a new cap when they progress to a higher swim level.  If a camper loses their swim cap they will be required to purchase a new one for a small fee.

If your camper is unable to go swimming on a particular day, please send a note with your child.  If you have any questions about the swim program please contact the camp.

If you need to pick up your child early, please call the office before coming to camp.  When you pick up your child you must sign him or her out at the camp office.  Campers are still active at their activities at the end of the day and it does take some time to get from the campgrounds to the camp office in the parking lot.  Please plan accordingly.


We recognize the importance of having an open line of communication between parents and unit directors.   As such unit directors do their best to be available to each and every parent on a daily basis.  During the day, unit directors are very busy with the campers and are typically unavailable to answer phone calls.  Unit Directors try to contact parents during the day; however, they may return calls after 5:00pm or early in the morning.  When appropriate, parents are also encouraged to email unit directors any questions or concerns that they may have. You may also send a note with your child to his/her counselor or to the Unit Director.

We also encourage you to reach out to the camp directors, Stephanie and Glenn, if you have any concerns.  The camp is only eight weeks long and it is best to work out any concerns as soon as they arise.  If you have a concern and it’s not being addressed then there is a good chance that we are not aware of the problem.  Additionally, if any unique situations occur at home that may affect your child, please let us know.

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at camp, please notify the camp office in advance.  If you send food to be served to other campers it must be pre-packaged, Kosher and nut free (for children with nut allergies).  Baked goods may be purchased from many stores in the area.  Entenmann’s products are Kosher and many are nut free.  Be sure to include enough “party” paper goods (i.e. plates, napkins, forks, spoons, etc.) for the child’s entire group.  Please give at least one week’s notice to the camp office of any birthday arrangements you plan to make.

Please have your child wear their JCC Camp T-Shirt on picture day.  Both group and individual pictures are available for purchase.  There are several picture packages available.  Picture day will be listed on the camp calendar and information will be sent home with your child prior to their scheduled day.  Make-up pictures are available and you will receive information on the date.

Each camp division has its own unique camp calendar and accompanying “Nuts and Bolts” form highlighting special events, weekly themes, and trips which you will receive in the mail in June.

Families may purchase challah, baked fresh at Heartland Bagels throughout the summer. The challah, are distributed to campers on Fridays.  For more information see the camp registration form.

Visitors are not allowed to walk through the campgrounds.  Guests must come to our camp office which is located in the camp parking lot.

Should you need to pick-up your child or drop something off, please park your car on the street, come to the camp office in the parking lot and we will contact your child’s Unit Director.  You may not park in the camp parking lot as it is a bus parking lot.

We encourage all parents to come to the Camp Orientation and view our beautiful campgrounds.  There will also be a “Parent Visiting Day” designated on your child’s calendar at which you may tour the campgrounds and watch your child participate in activities.

As per the camp committee, campers in Camp Maccabiah and Nesiyah/Teen Travel are permitted to view suitable PG-13 rated movies and campers in Shalom and Chalutz are permitted to view suitable PG movies under the discretion of the camp administrators.  In determining the appropriateness of the movie, factors to be considered include content, language, and violence.  If you do not want your child to see these movies please contact the camp office.

Tipping staff at camp is permissible but entirely at your own discretion.  Money, gift cards and other items have been given in the past.  Most groups at camp have a senior counselor, a junior counselor and a CIT II.  Some groups also have a CIT I.

A “suggested” amount to tip for an 8 week camper would be as follows:


Senior Counselor…………………….$50.00 – $75.00

Junior Counselor…………………….$35.00 – $50.00

CIT II……………………………………..$20.00 – $30.00

CIT I………………………………………. $10.00 – $15.00

A reminder, this is only a suggested rate.  Your may give whatever you feel comfortable giving.

Parents are encouraged to join the JCC Camp Committee.  The Camp Committee consists of parents who meet on a regular basis with the JCC Camp Directors to help establish policy and programming for the camp.  The committee begins their meetings in September and goes right through until the summer months.  If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Glenn.

Camp orientation is an opportunity for parents to meet with the Unit Director and camp counselors, tour
the grounds and learn more about the camp program.

Dates and Times:

  • K’Ton Ton – Wednesday, June 21, 7pm at the Bernikow JCC, 1466 Manor Road
  • Shalom, Chalutz, Maccabiah and Nesiyah Sunday, June 4, 2pm at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds, 1131 Manor Road
  • Marvin’s Camp – TBA