Camp Maccabiah
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Ages: Children entering grades 6 and 7
Camp Director: Dale Oks
Camp Dates: Monday, July 3 – Friday, August 25
Full day program

Camp Maccabiah is designed to meet the changing social, emotional and recreational needs of the older camper. The structure of programming allows the older camper the opportunity to explore new and challenging experiences. Children participate in a variety of team sports through league experiences. Specialty programs, art, music, drama, pioneering, karate and archery, as well as Judaic programming, supplement the camp experience. Campers swim daily; instructional and free swim are both part of our swim program.

Camp Maccabiah has exciting trips every Wednesday and Friday. Trips have included Great Adventure, Seaside Heights, sporting events, movies, roller-skating and bowling. Extended trips which return after 4 pm will use air-conditioned, restroom equipped coach buses. Trips include one overnight to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.

Maccabiah-Dale-Oks-300x225Unit Director: Dale Oks

Dale Oks is an educator in the New York City system. In the past he owned a dry cleaning business and worked a matre’de at a kosher catering hall. Dale is an avid sports fan and has coached youth baseball teams on Staten Island for more than 10 years. He has 2 sons, Parker and Jared Dale’s favorite part of camp is watching children enjoying themselves.

Dale has worked at the JCC camp for the past 8 summers.

  • Year round position: Teacher
  • Favorite Camp Memory: Camper Pie Eating Contest
  • Favorite Musician/Musical Group: Billy Joel
  • Favorite Food: Baby Lamb Chops
  • Favorite TV Show: American Idol
  • Something Most Do Not Know About You: I am a great cook!
  • Favorite Spot At Camp: Maccabiah Shelter
  • Favorite Vacation Destination: Hershey, Pennsylvania